Carnival Cruises Fundraising Program

Cruises for a cause are a great way to raise funds for your non-profit organization! It is the perfect getaway for vacationers of every age and also support a good cause. You can use the cruise as a way to reward donors and volunteers for their hard work. It’s a win-win situation—your supporters get to enjoy a fun cruise vacation and your organization gets to benefit from their generosity. With a cruise vacation for a cause, everybody wins! It's a great way to show your appreciation, have fun and have an exciting time while fundraising for ar cause. Carnival’s ships have a wide range of features to accommodate passengers with special needs too. You can enjoy a variety of meals, Vegas-style entertainment, casino, exciting activities and fascinating destinations while supporting a great cause. Get started with your fundraising event today! Contact us to learn more.

***There are many cruise lines that offer special fundraising vacations that allow 501(3)C non-profits, church, and civic groups to raise money for their charitable causes. One of them is Carnival Cruise that offers a very well defined program when it comes to fundraising programs. If you would like more information on other cruise lines and their programs please contact us at 1-209-485-0346 or contact us so that you can start fundraising for your charitable organization.

Who Can Benefit from a Fundraising Cruise?

  • Charitable Organizations

  • 501(3)C Nonprofit Organization

  • Civic Groups

  • Medical Research Groups

  • Churches or Ministries

  • Arts Organizations

    and other charitable organizations

The 4 easy steps to get started!

  1. DECIDE on the length of cruise for your group. Carnival cruises starts from 3 days cruise vacations.
  2. DETERMINE a cruise date.
  3. DO LET US KNOW cruise date and length of cruise so we can help you find which Carnival cruise offers fundraising amenities.
  4. DEVELOP a plan to promote your special sailing. We will be happy to help you with a whole library of marketing materials available to help you have a successful fundraising cruise.

How Will Carnival’s Fundraising Program Works?

To qualify for the fundraising program, there is a minimum of 8 staterooms bookings.  Carnival will donate $4 per guest per day on your group’s fundraising efforts:

$12 per guest for 3-day cruise,

$16 per guest for 4-day cruise

$28 per guest for 7-day cruise


The cost of your 3-day cruise is $399 per guest.
Carnival will donate $4 per guest/per day on a 3-day cruise for a combined $12 donation  per guest or $24 per cabin that your group raises!

Option to add mark up:
The cost of your 3-day cruise is $399 per guest.
Your non-profit organization marks up the cost of the cruise by $15 or more (this is your participant’s donation).
You promote the cruise to your group at a cost of $414.
Carnival will donate $12 per guest on a 3-day cruise plus $15 from the markup. That’s $27 per guest or $54 per cabin that your group raises!


Who Can Join In Your Organization’s Fundraising Cruise For A Cause?

Promote the cruise to your organization, to your family, friends and everyone who loves to cruise for a cause.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Benefits of Cruising For A Cause

  • New and Unique
  • Hassle Free
  • No Risk
  • Additional Fundraising Opportunities
  • High Level of Participation