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Vatican, Rome Italy

Vatican, Rome Italy

Visiting Rome

As the days get closer to set foot on this place I'd call heaven, the excitement was strong.

How many times would a dream come true? Not at all times, right? But in this case, it is becoming real.

Rome was one of the many places in my bucket list that I have been dreaming to explore. Is it because of St. Peter's Basilica? I have heard so many stories of faith and the big basilica and soon I am going to walk on it, touch it and inhale it.

I picked a hotel that only takes 2 minute to walk to get to the Basilica and it was perfect.  The first night we arrive, it was perfect even more. Because of the excitement, we did not waste time. After checking in, we went for a stroll at the square. There was still sunlight but didn't take long for the dark sky to take over on a November night even if it was only six in the evening. The lights were on and it brightens the whole area, tangerine.

Of course, we took some pictures, lots of pictures, can't get enough. The square is surrounded by pillars and statues, big ones, like life size. There was plenty of space yet there were plenty of people, tourist and all. Many people are walking. Some going and some coming to see this amazing church.

Earlier, the line to get inside St Peter's Basilica was like the biggest and longest python for it snaked around so many times, I believe tomorrow would be better since we will be in a group tour. My expectation was low when I see the long line.

To make the visit fun, we walk around to explore the corners and boy it was a long walk but very happy. There were rosaries by the dozen and reasonably priced. There were all kinds of religious items you can buy. There were also food available for your tasted buds to enjoy. La Italia products are everywhere.

As we were coming back from the long walk and the many picture taking all angles and distance, thinking it is time to go back to the hotel and call it a day when we noticed that the line was totally gone.


We were able to attend mass in Latin and take communion and well, recorded the mass too. LOL!

What a beautiful day indeed to touch and feel the presence of God in this place. Inside is even more in awe! The high ceiling, the paintings, the statues and you can write a request to your prayers. There, I wrote my requests on a piece of paper provided for you. A pencil and a paper to say a prayer that you've dreaming of. It's the time to write it especially in this foreign place where nobody knows you.

There I wrote my wish with a pencil and a piece of paper, drop it inside the box for their prayer and I will update you once my prayer becomes real and for sure many will be blessed as well.

For now, I am contented to just stroll inside St Peter's Basilica but I will be back tomorrow and enjoy it once again.

Is Rome in your bucket list? What are you waiting for? Go and visit Rome today and experience it yourself.

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