Enjoy Baja Mexico

Looking for a quick getaway from your busy life?

I’m busy. You’re busy. Everybody is busy! Even nature was busy during our short cruise. There was a storm coming and we went ahead to cruise. Well, if it is bad, I’m pretty sure it will be cancelled but it worked out fine. We have to be safe and the way to do that is to skip a port. I wish it did not but for safety reasons, which is a good reason, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We had a good time exploring Ensenada. We ate, we laugh, we wine and so much more. There was this famous origin of where Tequilla started and we went to experience it. The funny thing in Ensenada, time of boundless. We were so excited to get there and then find out it is close. We want to be the first to open the bar but the owner keep saying in a bit, in a bit. The bit turn into an hour but we were relentless. We stayed! It’s a must to taste that original Tequilla!

Out of playfulness, I climbed the  side wall  and  knock on  the  glass window so we can make them aware  that we have been waiting. It must have worked for not long after, they open the bar door and let us in. It’s like a wild wild west feeling except we didn’t have  guns with us but  we  were so  ready for  the Tequilla in Baja, Mexico!

It was one of the highlight of our Mexico trip.

Tequilla In Ensenada

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