Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List for First Time Traveler

I am back from my Asia trip, Just need to catch up on washing 🤪

Here’s my updated packing list in case it helps – basic yet full packing and travel preparation list…


Check your passport’s expiry date is at least 6 months from your holiday trip return time. Snap photos on your phone of anything important like PASSPORTS and remember to take your Passport! US PASSPORT holder can  travel without a Visa to almost 200 countries.

CHECK you have your passport!

Don’t forget to also do these in advance…
– Organize pet care if you have pets. Drop off your pet wherever or have a neighbor look after with food.
– Organize airport parking & consider if airport parking shuttle times are active or if you need transfer to the airport.
– Travel Insurance (check cover for pre existing conditions, COVID / medical if doing extreme sports like skiing )

Right before you go, don’t forget to tell the post office you’ll be away and to hold your mail while you are enjoying a vacation. You can do this online Pause Mail Delivery
You may have to empty fridge if you will be away for a few days or more like bread, milk or anything that will go bad.
Water plants or put pot plants in water containers or use a plant watering devices to save your plants from dying.

Snap photos on your phone of anything important like PASSPORTS, travel insurance, travel itinerary, reservations and remember to take your Passport! Snap copies of Emergency Contacts and Embassy Information.


Take your medication including the original box, plus a valid script. I flatten original medication boxes and peel stickers off jars and stick them on ziplock bags with that medication in to save space. Pack equal or full amounts of important medication in one checked bag and in one carry on in case of loss.
You may like to get a Doctor’s letter stating your medication.
Take your normal headache or pain pills, any generic medication you may need or are used to.
Some medication may be illegal in other countries and you’ll need to lodge an extra form – always research before you go.
Glasses/contact lenses (consider carrying a copy/photo of your eye prescription)


At least three forms of money in case one fails:
– Ideally, two credit cards
– Apple Pay in your phone works in larger stores
– Some cash (small bills) for tips, to exchange at the airport or elsewhere using machines in convenience stores etc.- you may need cash for sundries like train tickets or cards, vending machines, street shops, etc.
Cash exchange machines and foreign/international credit card-friendly ATMs are in most convenience stores.
NOTIFY your bank before you leave so your credit cards/online accounts don’t get shut down.
Retain some form of access to your Australian mobile number like roaming for bank confirmation codes. Check roaming is switched on in your phone settings. etc.


Get some kind of app or make a document OR excel table to record your:
– Flight numbers – Airline apps installed in your phone for immediate access and flight information
– Any bookings and contact information for hotels, activities, etc. – a day to day chronological itinerary.

Before you go:
Get a mobile eSIM or portable mobile hotspot router – buy from Klook for a cheap instant eSIM, or at the airport for modem-types when you arrive.

Winter – layers is best with a thick winter jacket.
Take three pairs thick pants/jeans, leggings under dresses or skirts for warmth, three long sleeve t-s, enough clean underwear 😄, socks, bras, two jumpers, one puffer jacket or similar heavy warm jacket.
Comfortable shoes x 1
Pajamas- lightweight!
Consider wool gloves/neck warmer/beanie but keep the bulk down. You probably won’t need these for Autumn/Spring but a light layer might be useful.
Summer – Swimmers/bikinis if going in hotel pools! Short sleeves, shorts, skirts, lightweight pants or dresses. It might get very hot.
Less is more.
Remember you will probably buy souvenir T-shirts and what else – factor these in!

All hotel rooms have a hot water jug and most have small fridges in the room. Ice in the hallway. A microwave somewhere accessible.
Better and mid hotels supply water in your room for free.
Hotels provide basic toiletries
You don’t need to pack:
Slippers, hair dryers, toiletries, shampoo, conditioner, shower soap, face washers, cotton buds, hair bands, toothbrushes & toothpaste – usually these are supplied at each hotel, even the budget ones. (Convenience stores sell everything cheap including toiletries, pads and are everywhere if you need some.)
If you have a favorite coffee or tea, consider taking a small amount along with a little sugar/coffee whitener powder to hold you over until you can get to a convenience store. Larger convenience stores sell sachets, English tea, sugar sticks, sweeteners, fresh milk and small travel milks. Hotel rooms may only have as little as coffee or green tea.


Airport Essentials:
You will go through customs every time you cross internationally. QR Code are widely accepted now for customs declaration so make sure you Screenshot and favorite images of the barcodes for fast access at Customs when you arrive at your destination. The other option is to fill out a form when you arrive but this will cost you time at the airport. Don’t do that if you can help it. AVOID taking aerosols of any kind. Take roll-on or buy travel size deodorant, hairspray etc at convenience stores. Otherwise you may need to carry, individually, a ziplock bag and produce each one at security at the airport.
Don’t take fresh food like meat or fruit. Consider if you may need to declare any food upon arrival.
Ziplock anything that may break or leak in your luggage.
Travel pillows – also maybe one for your feet if you’re shorter! (plus something to do in flight like magazine/book/ipad with downloaded movies, games & snacks)
Don’t take inflatable cubes for kids to sleep on, on the plane – many airline policies ban them now as an obstruction.
Check you have your Passport!

Charge packs/ phone and watch chargers / laptop and other charge cords / cameras / GoPro & mounts / tripod / SD cards / earbuds with a cord for flight.
International power converters, adaptors – take at least one.
Language translator App if you need it. Google Translator
If you bring a camera & remember to bring extra memory cards for lots of pictures!
Don’t rely on usb ports anywhere – airports rarely work.

Important: You must pack anything with batteries or charge packs in your carry on luggage (such as computers, iPads, phones, rechargeable anything)

Extra tips you didn’t ask for:
Take an empty suitcase to bring back purchases or at least an empty back pack if you plan to do a lot of shopping.
Wear slip on shoes to the airport rather than ankle boots/ankle height sneakers which you must take off at security.
Avoid metal hair clips, belts, wearing your Apple or Samsung watch which may set off metal detectors.
Obviously carry anything fragile with you anyhow!

Have you checked that you packed your passport?! 😂
That’s all I can think of for now… comment what I’ve missed!


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