Embark on an Epic Inside Passage Adventure from San Francisco

Embark on an Epic 11-Day Inside Passage Adventure from San Francisco

Have you been dreaming of one day stepping on an Alaska Adventure? With Alaska, you can see stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, interesting cultural experiences, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Exploring In Alaska

Explore Alaska

Welcome aboard an unforgettable 11-day journey through the magnificent Inside Passage, departing from the vibrant city of San Francisco, California. Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as we sail northward, immersing ourselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska’s pristine wilderness. Join us on this one-of-a-kind voyage, and let the captivating ports of San Francisco, Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord, and Victoria become the backdrop for your extraordinary adventures.

Best Times to Go on an Alaska Cruise:
Alaska’s cruise season extends from May to September, offering different highlights and considerations during specific times of the year. While each season offers its own appeal, the prime months to embark on an Alaska cruise are from June to August.

During this period, you can expect milder weather, longer daylight hours, and optimal wildlife viewing opportunities. June and July are especially popular, as the landscapes burst into life with colorful wildflowers, and wildlife, including whales, bears, and eagles, are highly active. However, regardless of the month, every Alaska cruise promises remarkable scenery and incredible experiences.



Port Highlights:
1. San Francisco, California:
As our journey commences, we set sail from the lively city of San Francisco. Take in the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, explore Fisherman’s Wharf, or visit Alcatraz Island before boarding the ship. San Francisco offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty to kick off our adventure. There’s so much to explore in San Francisco so stay a day or two before the cruise to begin exploring the city.

2. Ketchikan, Alaska:
Have you tried a wild caught Alaska Salmon? (one of my favorite) They are soooo good and nutritious! Known as the “Salmon Capital of the World,” Ketchikan greets us with its charm and rich Native American heritage. Explore by foot to the town’s historic Creek Street, filled with quaint shops and galleries, or witness the breathtaking Misty Fjords National Monument with its towering granite cliffs and secluded fjords.

3. Sitka, Alaska:
Sitka, a town steeped in Russian and Native Alaskan history, welcomes us with its picturesque beauty. Immerse yourself in the local culture, visit the mesmerizing Sitka National Historical Park, or indulge in some thrilling wildlife sightings on a kayaking adventure. Here in Sitka, the fish is fresh and the call of the wilderness are just steps from your door.

4. Juneau, Alaska:
As the capital city of Alaska, Juneau is sure to captivate us with its stunning glaciers, mountains, and outdoor adventures. Explore the impressive Mendenhall Glacier, embark on a whale-watching tour, or take in panoramic vistas from atop Mount Roberts. The opportunities for unforgettable experiences in Juneau are endless. Be free spirited in Juneau and spend the time to explore nature.

5. Tracy Arm Fjord (Scenic Cruising), Alaska:
Prepare to be mesmerized as our ship weaves through the enchanting Tracy Arm Fjord. This is when you can’t get away from anything the glacier’s plan for you to see and wish you get the chance to step on the glacier. Be awestruck by towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and serene blue glaciers. This scenic cruising experience is a highlight of our voyage, offering unparalleled natural beauty at every turn as you hold your breath in awe.

6. Victoria, Canada:
En route back to San Francisco, we make a stop in the charming city of Victoria, Canada. Known for its British heritage and stunning gardens, this picturesque city invites us to explore attractions such as the world-famous Butchart Gardens or wander through the historic Inner Harbour. It’s surrounded by water and yet there’s full adventure awaiting for you there boasting of colors and magnificent architecture.

What to expect when cruising Alaska?
When cruising in Alaska, you can expect stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, interesting cultural experiences, and a variety of outdoor activities. I want to invite you on an Alaska adventure. Welcome aboard an unforgettable 11-day journey through the magnificent Inside Passage, departing from the vibrant city of San Francisco, California.

  Here are some specific things to expect:

  • Glaciers: Alaska’s glaciers are one of the main attractions. You will witness massive glaciers calving (chunks breaking off into the water), creating a spectacular display. Glacier Bay National Park and Hubbard Glacier are popular spots to see these majestic icy formations. Imagine yourself being there as new formations as it happens right at the moment.
  •  Wildlife: Alaska boasts a diverse wildlife population that may show up unexpectedly. What a beautiful surprise indeed! While cruising, you can spot humpback whales, orcas, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, bears, and various species of birds. Often, cruise ships have naturalists on board to provide educational discussions about the wildlife you encounter so that you are in the know of what’s going on the wildlife side.
  • Scenic Cruising: Uhhh… this is good. Nature always has a way of speaking to us and a significant portion of an Alaska cruise includes scenic cruising through narrow fjords, breathtaking inlets, and along stunning coastlines. The views of mountains, forests, waterfalls, and untouched wilderness are simply awe-inspiring. I want you to be inspired by nature.
  • Shore Excursions: And when in Alaska, why not go deep into the adventures as the ship docks at different ports where you can take part in a range of shore excursions. These could include activities like dog sledding, kayaking, hiking, helicopter tours, fishing, or visiting native villages to learn about Alaska’s indigenous cultures.
  • Alaskan Culture: Food is the best topic to talk about and Alaska has a rich cultural heritage aside from food. During your cruise, you may get opportunities to indulge in local cuisine, watch traditional performances such as Native Alaskan dances, learn about the history of the Gold Rush, or visit museums that explore the state’s unique heritage.
  • Weather: The weather in Alaska can vary greatly depending on the time of year and location. In general, expect cooler temperatures, even during the summer months. It is advisable to pack layers, including warm jackets, waterproof gear, and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Unique Ports: Depending on the itinerary, your cruise may stop at ports such as Juneau (the capital), Ketchikan (known for its totem poles), Skagway (gateway to the Klondike Gold Rush), or Sitka (with its Russian heritage). Each port offers distinctive experiences and opportunities to explore.

Get ready for an extraordinary 11-day Inside Passage adventure, undertaking a roundtrip journey from San Francisco. Explore the captivating ports of San Francisco, Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord, and Victoria, each offering its unique allure and opportunities for awe-inspiring experiences. Mark your calendars for 2024-2025 and join me on this remarkable cruise through the pristine beauty of Alaska. Get ready to create lifelong memories in one of the world’s most remarkable destinations. We can’t wait for you to join me on board!

In summary, cruising in Alaska promises unparalleled natural beauty, opportunities to witness wildlife up close, and immersive cultural experiences. Whether you are a nature lover, Alaska adventurer enthusiast, or simply someone seeking tranquility amidst stunning landscapes, cruising in Alaska can be a truly memorable experience.

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